iText Suite

Unlock The Power Of PDF:

Key Features And Benefits


The Powerful PDF Platform

iText Core provides extensive PDF capabilities, including compliance with PDF 2.0, language support for various scripts, advanced features for debugging, creation, manipulation, encryption, digital signatures, and optimization, making it a versatile tool for handling PDF documents programmatically. In addition, iText Core has a number of add-ons for specific use cases you may encounter.


Why Choose iText Suite?

  • Modular structure and intuitive APIs with gentle learning curve
  • Comprehensive functionality, with flexibility to extend and customize
  • Latest standards, Unicode, strong encryption, & multi-gig file support.



Elevate the power of PDF, with value add-ons:

  • pdfHTML: Effortless PDF Creation from HTML/XML and CSS

Generate standards-compliant PDFs seamlessly from HTML & CSS templates. Easily produce well-formatted reports, invoices, and more with extensive support for HTML, XML, CSS, and SVG. pdfHTML can reuse structural and semantic information to create PDF/A, PDF/UA, or Tagged PDFs.

  • pdfOCR: OCR Scanned Documents and Images

Convert scanned documents, PDFs, and images into ISO-compliant PDF or PDF/A-3u files. Enable text access and processing from scanned files. Ideal for searching details in old invoices stored in paper format for CRM integration.

  • pdfXFA: Optimize User Experience with Flattened XFA Forms

Convert (flatten) dynamic and interactive XFA forms into static PDF or PDF/A documents while retaining visual, structural, and semantic information. Transform XFA into PDFs for archiving or further processing.

  • pdfOptimizer: Intelligent PDF Optimization for Size and Speed

Programmatically compress PDFs with smart, proprietary algorithms. Optimize fonts, images, and more to reduce storage requirements, memory usage, and render times. Perfect for batch compressions or automation.

  • pdfCalligraph: Advanced Typography Support

Resolve character interaction issues and writing system challenges, such as the Indic Devanagari. pdfCalligraph offers a clean conversion to PDF for intricate scripts and stylistic improvements, allowing the use of preferred font features and writing systems.

  • pdfSweep: Securely Remove Sensitive Data from PDFs

Securely remove sensitive information from PDF documents by deleting text and images based on user-defined coordinates or regular expressions. pdfSweep provides a user-friendly solution, allowing complete removal of sensitive information for GDPR and Freedom of Information Act compliance

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