Automated and secure health data sharing 

Poor access to patient data has a ripple effect across healthcare. 

Time is wasted accessing vital information and coordinating it across care providers 

Traditionally, solutions are manually built, expensive and difficult to maintain




A healthcare data exchange

With the Medicly data exchange, care providers can quickly and securely access patient data stored in systems across the health sector.


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How Medicly works 

Achieve near real-time access to patient records and performance analytics with Medicly. 


Rapidly connects to different EHR systems that a healthcare provider uses.


Data is mapped to an analytics engine. Data standards like SNOMED, FHIR, HL7 are applied.


Data requests trigger retrieval from the EHR. Easily define your own data models and reporting requirements.




Why Medicly? 



Accessing data takes 30% of the time of traditional methods. 


Medicly can be deployed and managed by analysts, rather than engineers.


All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. SOC2 Type 2 certified. 

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