Let's explore how DLP can be your ultimate solution. ​​​​​​


Why is Your Data Valuable? 

Think about the invaluable information stored within your organization. From customer details to proprietary strategies, maintaining confidentiality is crucial. Our DLP solution empowers you to prioritize data security and build trust among your customers and partners. 

How important is the data in your organization? 

How do you ensure data protection against leaks? 

What are the consequences of a data leak for your organization? 


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Understanding Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 

At its core, DLP is your fortress against data leaks. It's a comprehensive data security system designed to identify, classify, and protect your vital information. It defends your organization from both external threats and insider risks, ensuring that sensitive data stays where it belongs. 


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How DLP Works 

  • Full control of information: It intelligently categorizes data, assigns access privileges, and manages information flow.  

  • Data Leak Prevention: DLP proactively identifies and protects data leaks through various channels like email, websites, and USB ports. 

  • Remote Leak Control: Even in remote scenarios, DLP empowers you to manage leaks through tools like TeamViewer, RDP, and RAdmin. 

  • Validating Transfer Channels: DLP verifies and manages data transfer pathways to prevent unauthorized leaks. 

  • Incident Reports: Stay informed with event reports generated by DLP, providing insights into data movements. 


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Why Choose DLP? 

Protect Your Business: Safeguarding customer information, trade secrets, and business plans is vital. DLP secures your operations and strengthens partnerships. 

Counter Insider Threats: Internal risks are real. DLP monitors and prevents unauthorized data access, ensuring your employees prioritize data security. 

Stay Compliant: Meet global standards. DLP ensures your organization aligns with these regulations seamlessly. 

  • GDPR 
  • HIPAA 
  • SOX 
  • PCI-DSS 
  • GLBA 
  • ISO/IEC 27001 
  • CCPA 

Build Trust: Demonstrating your commitment to data security through DLP builds trust with customers and partners, bolstering long-term relationships. ​​​​

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The Benefits of DLP 

Guard Data Outgoing: Prevent unauthorized data transmission over the Internet. 

Halt Theft or Deletion: DLP restricts unauthorized copying and exporting of critical data. 

Prevent Data Entry Errors: Detect and prevent data entry mistakes that could compromise security. 


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Workflow of DLP data leak prevention system 

  • Install the system onto the server along with data from workstations and Security Logs. Capable of installing and managing policies. 
  • All operations will be logged, and security policies will be applied to PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

  • Critical data will be protected through all channels. 

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