ATM switching B24

               DataOne Asia(Thailand) Limited is the Thailand software distributer of ACI Worldwide for over 30 years, ACI is the solution owner of current ATM processing system or ATM Switching which dominated more than 90% of ATM’s operation among banks in Thailand.

               The ATM Switching system is not only process the ATM authorization to allow the ATM terminal to dispense the money of cash withdrawal transaction, but with the powerful system that can expand into the routing mechanism system, for example, system can be implemented to allow the transaction from Mobile Banking app of Bank A to be able to transfer money to target bank’s account of Bank B, the ATM Switching be able to recognize the transaction requests and carrying the operation to debit the source account of Bank A and later credit to target account of Bank B via configured payment channel network and many more that can be carrying the similar operation in the payment industry.

ATM processing 

ATM processing.png


ATM switching process

ATM switching process.png


               The majority of bank in Thailand trustfully operating the steady BASE24 – classic model with only a few of banks embraced the BASE24-eps, with the announcement of sunset of BASE24 is triggered bank to look into the solution of BASE24-eps which benefit the bank in different aspects such as


Allowing the fast system customization by scripting to change the business logic

Based on comprehensive Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Support powerful routing process which is a combination of parameters for routing transactions

User-Create based script allowing to specify each process in customer level

Support scripting for authorization, extraction and reports


BASE24-eps solution

BASE24-eps is an all-in-one software solution for accepting transactions. Confirm authenticity Exchange information And authorize financial transactions covering all channels ranging from traditional payment transactions such as debit and credit at ATMs, bank branches and telephone banks. As well as future transactions such as via mobile banking and Internet banking.



1)   Support Open Architecture and Red Hat Enterprise Linux/x86

2)   Enterprise Service Architecture Flexible 

3)   Reduce the complexity of connecting new services with Back-office (Out-of-the-box Integration)

4)   Support Script Engine for Application Logic and no need to edit source code and enabling new products and services to be launched at a glance. 

5)   The most stable and most continuously serviceable application.


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