About us


At DataOne Asia (Thailand) Company Limited, we believe that technology can make lives better. As digitization becomes the pinnacle of the creation of customer’s delight, we are proud to help our customers enhance business productivity and engage their clients in a more meaningful way. Our vision is to be the most trusted IT solution consultant and business partner for digital leaders today.

Mission statement

Our mission is to empower organizations in Thailand to succeed through reliable, efficient, innovative and secure IT solutions. We will continue develop our organization and our IT talents to deliver new innovations and values to the industry in Thailand and regionally.

Our Core Values

We believe that listening to our customers is the key to continuous improvement and sustainable growth. Hence, we have engrained the core corporate values of Determination, Ownership, Network, and Expert in everything we do. From finding out what is the customer’s jobs-to-be-done to design and execution stages, our team is committed to putting customers first and getting their missions DONE.











What work we do ?


DataOne Asia (Thailand) Company Limited is an end-to-end ICT service provider serving various sectors such as BFSI, hospital, telecommunication, retail, and government agencies. DataOne provides subsystem outsourcing services that meet international standards such as ISO 20000-1 IT Service Management and ISO 27001 Information Security which let enterprises focus on its core business.

How we do it?

Customer Centricity


With more than 20 years of experiences, we have cultivated long term relationships and gain in-depth customer insights 


The continuous training for our talents ensure they have the right knowledge and capability to deliver highest quality of service to customers

Digital Ecosystem 

We continuously invest in R&D and build strong alliance with our technology partners be at the forefront of innovation while localizing to  fit with customer’s context


We have the management systems and follow the best practices of international standards for enterprise risk management and quality assurance

Data one story

  • 1982

    SVOA was founded with the vision to be Thailand’s leader in the Information Technology Industry, with the goal to contribute to the prosperity of the nation’s  ecosystem. We are the pioneer distributor of microcomputers and office automation system in Thailand.

  • 1990

    Established strong partnerships to create leading payment processing solutions including an integrated EFT processing and ATM switching system solutions to the banking sector in Thailand.

  • 1993

    Became the market leader for ATM switching in the BFSI market, with more than 90 percent of market share.

  • 2003

    Expanded to Value Added Distribution business (VAD) of World-Class Network and Security solutions for enterprise Key capabilities include: consultancy;
    technical support;
    and training.

  • 2006

    Acquired DataOne Asia (Thailand) Three main focuses are:
    • System Integration
    • Value Added Distribution for Network and Security solutions
    • IT outsourcing projects

  • 2013

    SVOA was founded with the vision to be Thailand’s leader in the Information Technology Industry, with the goal to contribute to the prosperity of the nation’s  ecosystem. We are the pioneer distributor of microcomputers and office automation system in Thailand.Upkeep integrity and quality through good governance and compliance to industry standards ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001

  • 2015

    Customized the ATMs and switching system to support EMV chip cards according to the EMV mandate from Bank of Thailand to heighten the security in card usage at ATMS

  • 2017

    Enabled new digital payment standards and usher in the digital banking era in alignment with National E-payment initiatives, with the objective of improving national payment system efficiency, financial inclusion and economic activity in general. We have worked on projects such as Promptpay, EDC expansion and E-Tax & E-Receipt.

Awards and Achievements


Distribution awards

  • 2018 ASEAN Distributor of The Year - Pulse Secure

  • 2016 ASEAN Services Partner of the Year – Juniper Networks

DataOne received this award as recognition for outstanding service provided to service providers and enterprise segment that meets Juniper Network standard of support service specialization and professional service specialization.

  • 2016 Gold Solutions Provider-Blackberry

  • 2015 ASEAN Distributor of The Year – Juniper Networks

  • 2015 ASEAN Services Partner of the year – Juniper Networks

  • 2013 Innovative Distributor of the Year - Juniper Networks

    Others significant awards:

  • 2023  Certificate PCI DSS compliance 2023 (PCI Data Security Standard Version 3.2.1 Service Provider Level 1) 

  • 2017 Government Housing Bank: Best ATM outsourcing provider awards

  • 2013 Best Performing Reseller of the Year 2013

  • 2012 Best Reseller Enterprise Group “HP Non Stop” / Hewlett-Packard (Thailand) Limited

  • 2023 Best Greenlake Reseller / Hewlett-Packard (Thailand) Limited

  • 2023 GRG Banking Awards / Diamond Partner


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Our Technology Partners 

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